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Youth Programs

LAPD Van Nuys Cadets Post 517:

Training and leadership program for teenagers between the ages of thirteen and seventeen who are motivated to better themselves and be a positive citizen within their community.

Officer Larry Kolb #33034      818-374-9415

LAPD Van Nuys Jeopardy Program:

Our focus:

  •  After school program for children between the ages of nine and seventeen.
  •  Work and serve as a positive role model to economically and academically disadvantaged at-risk youth. Provide parent and youth counseling.
  •  Instruct and inform families about challenges faced by youth, such as peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and gangs.
  • Plan, implement and provide teaching and influential methods of intervention to at-risk youth, such as group and family gatherings, field trips, and a safe haven facility and environment.
  • Infuse at-risk youth with the LAPD’s Core Values of “Service to Our Communities; Reverence for the Law; Commitment to Leadership; Integrity in All We Say and Do; Respect for People; and Quality Through Continuous Improvement.”

Our goal is to effect positive attitudinal changes in the at-risk youth to have a positive impact on the community

Officer Akserelian  #39031               818-374-9406
Officer De Jesus     #39865              818-374-9406